Why did 32-year-old Abnerd Joseph die?

Why did 32-year-old Abnerd Joseph die?

Abnerd Joseph, a 32-year-old high school assistant principal, was shot and killed during a fight at the Loop skyscraper on Monroe Street. Before his death, he reportedly exhibited absurd behavior that led a man to fatally shoot him.

Chicagoans were shocked to hear about a horrific shooting at a downtown high-rise on Thursday. While the police detained the 45-year-old suspect, the investigation into the incident continues. However, the charges are currently pending.

Abnerd Joseph Was Shot and Killed: What Happened?

Abnerd Joseph, assistant principal of Intrinsic School, was fatally shot by a tenant on the 48th floor of the building at 60 E. Monroe Street on Thursday, September 14, 2023, around 7:30 p.m. The 32-year-old man was shot in the chest. , abdomen, flank, armpit and ring finger.

According to police reports, Abnerd Joseph was “frantically” knocking on residents’ doors, trying to enter apartments and “yelling incoherently.” When the doorman and four tenants went to check, he hit the doorman several times.

A tenant later tried to calm him down, but he was hit and fell to the ground. Later, another tenant warmed up to Abnerd Joseph, telling him that he was armed and that he should stop hitting people. However, Abnerd then “turned and attacked” him, whereupon the tenant opened fire and shot him several times.

32-year-old Abnerd Joseph Found Lying in a Pool of Blood

The tenant, who shot Abnerd Joseph several times, called 911 to report the incident. When police arrived, Joseph was found lying in the hallway covered in blood. The man, who was in extremely critical condition, was immediately taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Unfortunately, he did not survive and succumbed to his gunshot wounds. The Cook County medical examiner’s office pronounced Abnerd Joseph dead around 8:11 p.m.

Initial reports also revealed that a verbal argument led to the fatal shooting of Abnerd Joseph in a Loop high-rise building on Monroe Street, which turned out to be true.

Who was Abnerd Joseph?

Abnerd Joseph, born in 1991, was assistant director of culture at Intrinsic School at 79 W. Monroe Street. He joined the educational institution in the summer of last year. His main areas of focus were school climate, student discipline, school-wide transitions, and student safety.

Abnerd Joseph had five years of experience as an assistant principal and came to Intrinsic School from KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools, according to the school’s website. He had previously taught algebra and life sciences for about five years.

Abnerd Joseph earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida State University. He was also working towards a master’s degree in educational leadership at Georgia State University. He was a highly respected educator in the region.


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