Prominent trends in kitchens in the summer of 2024

  • 18 Nisan 2024
  • Prominent trends in kitchens in the summer of 2024 için yorumlar kapalı
Prominent trends in kitchens in the summer of 2024

In order to have a pleasant life at home, it is of great importance that your living spaces have a decoration that suits your personality and style. Kitchens, which are places where we spend a lot of time during the day, are always on trend; simplicity, easy-on-the-eyes texture and modern looks. The leading trends in kitchens in the summer of 2024 are experimenting with different colors and natural wood.

In kitchens, one of the places where we spend the most time at home, comfort and functionality are at the forefront this year, as always. Ergonomic and stylish designs never lose their importance. Themore Concept explained the prominent trends in kitchens in the summer of 2024.

Lacquered and natural wood are in the foreground
Preferences for lacquered and natural wood as materials in kitchen decoration are increasing. On the other hand, the bright appearance and natural light effect, which is always in demand, is further enhanced with light colors. In summer kitchens, surface material preferences are again in favor of lacquered and natural wood.

New generation colors
In addition to classic colors in new designs, users can; It prefers new generation colors in a wide range from smoke to midnight blue, from cashmere to warm anthracite. Innovative color options that nourish and inspire creativity attract attention. Natural-looking materials are frequently preferred.

The belief that white color should be used is being destroyed
The belief that only white color should be used for bright and spacious kitchens is being broken. In addition to stripe patterns, greys, blues, reds and yellows play the leading roles. During the summer, kitchens make room for different colors and textures, just like in other areas of the house.

Hidden pantry systems
Using fewer items in summer houses makes life easier in every aspect. Hidden pantry systems are coming to the fore this year to eliminate items, especially in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Concept touch to living spaces
Concept designs that are common or complementary to areas within the home are also among the highlights of this year. Users prefer to have the entire house built by a single expert, with harmonious design and high quality components. Thanks to concept designs, different product groups are produced in the same design, adding depth and integrity to living spaces.


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