2024 bathroom trends: Dominance in white and marble

  • 18 Nisan 2024
  • 2024 bathroom trends: Dominance in white and marble için yorumlar kapalı
2024 bathroom trends: Dominance in white and marble

One of the most admired parts of a house is the bathroom. In general, it is not possible to renovate the bathroom very often, so if we have the chance to renew it once, we try to find the best one, as it will accompany us for a long time. The British platform Showerstoyou.co.uk also determined the bathroom trends that will come to the fore in 2022 with the research it conducted on Pinterest. According to Pinterest saves, white bathrooms and bathrooms dominated by marble will be preferred this year.

For those who buy a new house or want to make changes to their home, one of the first places they renovate is usually the bathroom. Renovating the bathroom also increases the value of the house. Research shows that a new bathroom increases the value of the home by 4-5 percent. Showerstoyou.co.uk , which is aware of the importance of bathrooms and wonders which bathroom trends will be popular in 2022 ; scoured Pinterest to discover the bathroom trends people were most inspired by. Examining the clicks on the subject, the team revealed that the most researched trend on Pinterest was ‘White bathrooms’. The research showed that 801 white bathroom photos were pinned a total of 153,071 times. ‘Marble bathrooms’ ranks second with a total of 970 photos and 145,765 pins. In third place is ‘Industrial bathrooms’, which allow the use of recycled materials as well as exposed brick, metal and wood, with a total of 873 photos and 139,235 pins. Here are the most pinned bathrooms on Pinterest, in order…

1. White bathrooms

2. Marble bathrooms

3. Industrial bathrooms

4. Bathrooms with wallpaper

5. Bathrooms that mix old and new

6. Blue bathrooms

7. Spa baths

8. Bathrooms with black details

9. Green bathrooms

10. Japandi bathrooms


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