Top 5 tips for bathing a newborn baby

  • 13 Mart 2024
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Top 5 tips for bathing a newborn baby

Bathing a newborn baby can be difficult because they may be more active than you expect. They also tend to cry throughout the entire process. Here are the best tips to make bath time a success…

Especially for new mothers, bathing their little babies can be very difficult. In fact, this job, which is not as scary as they might imagine, can even be considered fun at the same time. When you finally see that your baby is relaxed and sleeping soundly, your tension will go away. You may just need a few tips. Here are some of them…

Your baby doesn’t need a bath every day

Babies don’t actually get that dirty until they start walking. Moreover, frequent bathing can dry out their skin. Most days all you need to do is give it a good wipe down from head to toe. You can use a soft cloth for this. Wet the cloth and wipe your baby with gentle touches. Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours. For this reason, choose products that are fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

Keep the room warm

You can use an extra heater to comfortably warm the room before bathing your baby.BabyFill the tub with water and make sure it’s not too hot. You can measure the temperature of the water with the inside of your wrist or in degrees. Pour warm water over your baby to prevent him from getting cold while washing him. The water accumulated in the bathtub may become cold after a while and this may catch your baby cold, so you should be careful.

Make your baby feel safe

After gathering all your materials and filling the tub, undress your baby last. You can lay a towel on the floor of the bathtub to prevent your baby from slipping. Then, using one hand to support his head and neck, gently lower him into the tub, feet first.

Keep your baby safe

When filling the bathtub with water, do not suddenly put your baby into the water. He may cry because he suddenly gets too wet. Hold your baby tightly and do not leave him unattended even for a second.

Handle with care

When you have finished bathing your baby, carefully remove him from the tub. Use one hand to support his neck and head and the other hand to support his bottom. If possible, have another adult available to pick up your baby with a dry towel. Otherwise, spread the towel over a bath rug and place your baby on it. Then hug her and kiss her sweet face.


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