How to Clean Mattresses at Home? What is the Most Effective Solution?

  • 11 Mart 2024
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How to Clean Mattresses at Home? What is the Most Effective Solution?

Although constantly used areas such as carpets and sofas are frequently vacuumed, it is very difficult to remove mites and carpet dust. When the bed is not cleaned, even if you have a mattress protector and sheets on your bed, over time, the invisible dead skin inside your bed becomes a home for mites and allergens . For this reason, we need to resort to the easiest and fastest methods for cleaning beds at home .

Over time, sweat and dirt stains begin to appear on beds, which are the most peaceful and resting places. It is necessary to clean these stains frequently to prevent them from settling on the bed. It will be very difficult to remove stains from mattresses that are not cleaned on time. In this article, you can find answers to questions such as how to clean a mattress at home, how to clean it with baking soda, tips, how to whiten a yellowed mattress, how to wash it with vinegar and how to remove the smell of pee .

How to Clean a Mattress? What are the Tips?

Bed cleaning will be much easier if you pay attention to some small tips in bedrooms . So what are these tips?

Plush toys , especially those used as decoration in children’s bedrooms , are made of a synthetic material and trap the moisture in the room. In addition, it also traps dust flying in the air. Plush toys placed on the bed will automatically attract dust to the bed.
Don’t breed bacteria in your bed! What does it mean? If we cover the bed tightly with a bedspread covering all 4 sides when we wake up every morning, invisible bacteria, mites and allergens will stick to the sheet and the bacteria in the bed will ferment and multiply in a warm environment, just like yoghurt ferments. So what should we do to get rid of bed dust and dead skin? Straighten your duvet or bedspread nicely at the foot end. Let your sheet be visible and the sheet remain exposed. Then open your windows in summer and winter. Sunlight and wind will not allow all kinds of bacteria and dead skin that may grow in the bed to survive. So don’t cover your beds.
Another tip is that you should turn the beds upside down twice a year. This process is very important both to preserve the ergonomic structure of your bed and to ensure that all parts of the bed breathe.
How to Clean Mattresses with Baking Soda?

One of the natural methods that can be applied is bed cleaning with baking soda . Just like in the kitchen, baking soda gives great results in cleaning.

  • What needs to be done is first vacuum the bed with a strong broom.
  • Then wipe the yellowed area with hot water so that the stains will soften.
  • Then throw 4 tablespoons of baking soda into a bucket of water. After it melts thoroughly, rub the stains with warm water.
  • Place it in the sun to dry. The stains will disappear.


How to Whiten Yellowed Mattress?

Mattresses, which are pure white when first purchased, are exposed to dirt and stains over time. It is not possible to constantly clean the bed and it is not possible to change it constantly. There is no need for this anyway. If you have tried every way to clean the yellow stains on the bed but have not achieved a good result, we have good suggestions for you. With these methods, you will see that the yellowed spots will turn completely white. The most successful method is this:

Mattress cleaning with vinegar
Vinegar is the superhero that comes to our rescue everywhere in the house, outside the kitchen, as it is both a stain remover and a odor remover and a microbreaker . For the most effective solution, prepare warm water with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar . But if you don’t have baking soda, vinegar alone will work. Add half a tea glass of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water and apply it to the yellowed area to clean it. Both odor and appearance cleaning will be ensured.

Mattress cleaning with bleach
Bleach is used a lot in cleaning. One of the areas where it is used is for cleaning yellowed mattresses. The thing to pay attention to here is that the windows must be open and gloves must be used during cleaning. Unnatural bleach, such as vinegar and baking soda, are just as effective in removing stains.

How to remove yellow urine stain from bed
If you have a pet in your home, or if you are caring for a young baby or a patient, you must have encountered a problem such as urine stains on the bed. It is possible to get rid of urine stains that get on the couch, carpet and car seat outside of the bed. Besides stains, the smell of urine is also a serious and difficult to eliminate problem. It is very easy to get rid of them with some methods. The stages are:

First, clean the area exposed to urine from excess urine with a damp cloth.
Then fill an empty spray can with 75% water and 25% vinegar.
Spray and rub on the urinary place.
If you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner, vacuum the wet area.
Otherwise, wait for it to dry.
Finally, wipe it with a clean cloth and water with lavender oil or softener to make it smell nice. It will be like sweet.
Removing pee smell from bed with ammonia
Prepare a glass of hot water. The water should not boil or burn your hands. Let’s pour two spoons of ammonia into it. Let’s mix it well. When water and ammonia are mixed, pour it little by little on the area with urine odor and wipe it with a colorless cloth. Ammonia has an effect against both odor and stains. With this method, you can rid your seats of pee smell. Finally, be sure to ventilate the room for 5-6 hours.

Another method to remove urine stains and odor from your mattress is to prepare a mixture like this;

  • A tea glass of water in a bowl
  • A spoon of vinegar
  • A spoon of dishwashing detergent
  • A spoon of baking soda and two drops of disinfectant.
  • Mix these ingredients thoroughly and cover the urine stain with a cloth. After waiting for a while, wipe this mixture with clean water.
  • After waiting one night, cover the damp spot with baking soda and then remove the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner .
  • To clean and healthy days..

How to remove bad odors from the bed?
If you have removed the bad stains from the bed but the odors are still not gone, we have come with a great suggestion.

What should we do to keep the bedding clean after cleaning it?
Cleaning is a job that is not easy and requires time and effort. For this reason, we must do everything necessary to keep the area we clean clean. The first thing to do to keep your bed clean is; Turning the bed twice a year. Another thing is to put a mattress protector like a mattress protector on the bed. Finally, ventilate your bed frequently and allow it to get sunlight. In this way, your bed will remain as clean as the first day.



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