2024 bikini and swimsuit trends

  • 18 Nisan 2024
  • 2024 bikini and swimsuit trends için yorumlar kapalı
2024 bikini and swimsuit trends

We missed the sun and beaches more than ever! We have brought together trendy bikini and swimsuit models that will make you feel stylish and comfortable while enjoying the summer.

AYJE’s Noir Cruise collections, inspired by the Aegean coast, and Island Of Leisure, inspired by the Cote D’azur, are among the most sophisticated bikini and swimsuit models of this summer… Belted and high-waisted alternatives provide comfortable use by grasping the waist and hip area well.

Burcu Esmersoy for Ipekyol Beachwear

İpekyol meets fashion lovers with its beachwear collection for the first time! The inspiration route of the collection, which consists of characterful and rising designs of the season, ranging from hot sands to cool waters, is based on Burcu Esmersoy’s energetic style. Burcu Esmersoy for Ipekyol Beachwear 2024 Collection, prepared after the long and exciting work of Burcu Esmersoy and Ipekyol design team; It keeps its finger on the pulse of beach fashion with its selection of beachwear, swimwear and accessories.

Swimsuits and bikinis with fun and stylish cuts are among the star trends of summer 2024. You can easily transform the original models from the ifyoulovemenow collection into a non-beach summer look by combining them with jean shorts. The collection also stands out with its multicolored, patterned kimonos and pareos.

Create your own stories with the Penti Summer Stories beach collection. You can find swimsuits and bikinis with stylish designs at affordable prices. Penti continues to raise its place among responsible brands to a higher level with its environmentally friendly production investments and collections. The brand has increased its use of sustainable materials by over 70% in the last year alone.


Enjoy comfort and elegance this summer with Sandshaped’s new Terry Towel Collection. The collection was designed with the aim of incorporating 70s-inspired terry cloth into daily life. You will want a set in every color from the collection, where colors inspired by the beaches of Capri in Italy are combined with soft, absorbent terry fabrics. Discover the timeless Terry Towel collection that will add flair to your holiday.

Pink, yellow, mint green, burgundy… The way these colors reflect the light will make your shots taken on the beach perfect. Moreover , these tones in the Herita collection undoubtedly symbolize happiness and excitement!

Lamira Design
Elegant silhouettes enter the trend list with a single asymmetrical shoulder strap that complements the contours of the body. In the Lamira Design collection, 2024 designs are updated with inspirations inspired by Hollywood stars, bright details, assertive black, pure white or natural cream tones.



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