Shortland Street 7600 Full Episode “30th November 2022”

Shortland Street 7600 Full Episode “30th November 2022”

We have prepared the last episode of the Shortland Street series for you. Watch Shortland Street Friday, November 30, 2022.


Shortland Street (Shortland Street 7600) is a New Zealand prime-time soap opera centered on the fictional Shortland Street Hospital, which first aired on New Zealand Television TV2 on 25 May 1992. It is the country’s longest running drama and soap opera. It is one of New Zealand’s most-watched television programmes, with more than 6,000 episodes and 25 consecutive years of broadcasting.

We have prepared a detailed viewing screen for those who want to watch the 7598th episode of Shortland Street, which has always preserved its quality among the soap operas that have been going on for many years.

Shortland Street 7600 Episode 30th November 2022

Maeve feels the full weight of loss. TK fights for his reputation. All eyes are on dawn.

Next on Shortland Street

Madonna’s happiness is shattered. Maeve hides a secret vendetta. Harper’s reputation’s on the line.


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